Friday, 19 December 2014

Keurig 2.0 400 series ~ Review

I was given the new Keurig 2.0 400 series to test & review for free. I was so excited because I have wanted one but never bought one because I did not know enough about them. I had seen the machines in various offices & stores, and heard about them from others. I had never tried it myself because, well to be honest, I was scared I would break it.

When I opened the box I was amazed to find that you can make either a single cup at a time or a whole carafe! The carafe they said holds about 4 cups of coffee depending on what size mug you use. They sent me 2 carafe k-cup pods & 3 single k-cup pods.

Immediately after doing the quick wash out ect hubby & I set it all up, it was super easy; just put it on the counter, slide the drip tray in front of the machine, fill the water reservoir & slide into place.

We followed the instructions & ran just hot water through first. Then we inserted the K-Cup pack & while reading step by step in the manual, proceeded to brew our first of many single servings of coffee!

About the only thing I don’t really like is the noise it makes when you make a cup of coffee. When it sucks the water up. It’s very loud & I thought at first something was wrong with the machine. Thankfully there wasn’t.

Keurig has also done something to attempt to counter the use of non-Keurig K-Cups in their brewers. They have made it so if it doesn’t have a special ring or a green dot on the K-Cup, the machine will give you an “oops” message and refuse to brew it.

They have a HUGE assortment of flavours  over 125 varieties and 20 brands & beverages you can choose from on the website. And once you become a member, you save a bit of money on items as well. On average you will be able to buy 24 k-cup box for under $18.00.

Now Keurig I have to say was awesome when it happened to me. You see I had been saving up all the sample K-Cups of coffee that various companies have sent out over the last 18 months. I planned on buying a machine one day, so why not. Unfortunately, not one of the packs would work in the Keurig 2.0. They ALL gave me the “Ooops” message. I was sad. Yet again, I followed directions & reached out to Keurig at the webpage they gave. A couple days later, I received a response & they made it all better. I don’t want to say how, because I can see ALOT of people taking advantage of it if it got spread around & in my opinion it isn’t fair to the company if that happened. I’m all for saving money, but not when it’s done illegally.

They tell you if you order from their website, which by the way, has really good prices compared to the stores, that ALL of the packs will be compatible with the 2.0 machines. However I needed some new coffee immediately because those 3 samples did not go far with 2 of us in the house. Luckily one of the stores close by was having a sale on the K-Cups. 12 for $5.99 (regular almost $10). So off we went. We bought 3 boxes thinking they would see us through a few days because we decided brewing the K-Cups would not be an every day occurrence.

So I eagerly opened up the Dulce de Leche and inserted it. Up comes the by now familiar “Ooops” message. Oh No…here we go again. Hubby’s Italian blend…got an “oops” too. My French Vanilla worked no problem! Yay…out of 36 new K-Cups, I get 12 I can use. Back to the website & report the new “Oops” again, they made it right.

What I love about the new Keurig 2.0 400 series is that we can each have a different flavour coffee. No worrying about what everyone else likes, no waste of dumping out a ½ a pot because no one wanted any more. I love that if we have guests, I can make a whole carafe, saving time & K-Cups.

It’s got a touch screen display that is easy to use, you can program it to turn on & off thereby saving power. You can select the different cup sizes & carafe sizes so you can have a strong or weaker cup of coffee at your leisure.

The only thing I don’t like as I said, is the noise it makes when it is brewing your beverage. It is pretty loud. That is the only drawback because I can not fault them for trying to ensure people are forced to purchase their brand of coffee. I mean would you go to Burger King & try to expect to order a Big Mac?

I can't stress how much I suggest if you are looking for a new coffee machine, that you give the Keurig 2.0 a try. 

For more information check out them out on their WEBPAGE or connect with them via TWITTER or FACEBOOK

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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