Thursday, 20 March 2014

Campbell's Address Your Heart

Growing up my family never really cared about eating healthy. That may be because we ate fresh fish that we caught ourselves, fresh vegetables from our gardens, fresh wild meat that we shot/trapped ourselves.

Times have changed however. We just don't have the time we did when we were younger to do all the things we did back then & it's a lot more difficult now. For that reason, we buy a lot more groceries in the stores so we need to be more health conscious including heart healthy.

Exercise is important to keep not only your physical body but also your heart. With my family, we go for walks together, get outside & play together & try to eat healthy. I have to admit that sometimes it's a struggle.

There are all sorts of products for those who are trying to be Heart Healthy. Special margarine, butter, quick meals, bread & even soups. Campbell's has lot's of variety of soups for those that are trying to be heart healthy. I use their soups to cook nutritious & delicious foods for my family.

There are numerous recipes on the Campbell's website that are easy to make & taste great. For more info, click the link below.

Britax B-Agile Stroller ~ Contest

Head on over to Oh Baby & enter to win a Britax B-Agile Stroller.
It features three-wheels which makes it easy to maneuver , infinite seat recline positions, one hand quick fold, large under seat storage & 5-point safety harness.

It's valued at $269.99
Contest closes April 4


P&G Brandsaver coupons

New P&G Brandsaver coupons for Spring 2014 are available to order again! Hurry to get yours mailed to your home before they are gone! Remember you can choose 32 coupons at a time to be mailed, but you can go back in & order the remaining ones immediately after!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

$500 gift card for Babies R Us ~ Contest

Enter for a chance to win a $500 Babies R US gift card over at Baby Breeza!

Ends May 11

The Lemon One ~ Contest

Sunlight has a contest happening right now for a chance to win 1 of 2000 instant prizes of a $25.00  gift card or 1 of 10 amazing Grand Prizes!

Each Grand Prize consists of:

1. One Maytag Dishwasher, One Maytag HE Front Load Washer & One Maytag Front Load Dryer
2. Molly Maid (Or Local) Cleaning Service for a Year
3. Sunlight Laundry & Dish product for a Year

Enter once each week for your chance to win, (A contest week Begins Monday at 12:00 AM & Ends Sunday at 11:59 PM)

Ends August 31

**Please note the rules say you must keep original UPC's & receipts as proof of legitimate contest entry if requested.

Veronica Mars~ Giveaway

Veronica Mars is BACK! Were you a fan of the TV show? If so you will love this.

On the eve of graduating law school, Veronica Mars has put Neptune and her amateur sleuthing days behind her. While interviewing at high-end New York law firms, Veronica Mars gets a call from her ex-boyfriend Logan who has been accused of murder. Veronica heads back to Neptune just to help Logan find an attorney, but when things don't seem right with how Logan's case is perceived and handled, Veronica finds herself being pulled back into a life she thought she had left behind.

Following a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign that ended on April 12, 2013, Veronica Mars was shot over 23 days during June-July 2013. It will be released in selected theaters nationwide on March 14th, 2014.
See it In Theaters MARCH 14
Pre-order on DIGITAL HD
Veronica Mars: Purity Test Marshmallow Super-fan Trivia - Think you know all there is to know about Neptune, California? Test your Veronica Mars knowledge with all 3 levels of super-fan trivia and find out if you are the ultimate Marshmallow!


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