Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Home Tester Club

Are you a member of the Home Tester Club? If not, then you should join the Grocery-Product Testing, Reviewing & Sharing Community. You have a chance to give feedback on new products and help others find new products.

They also have contests that you have a chance to win....for example February is Learn & Win....answer a few questions and you have a chance to win a family movie pass!

Chase M Down 2 ~ Contest

M&M's Chase M Down 2 contest is happening right now.

Randomly seeded in a total of 417,103 M&M’S® Milk Chocolate (48g, 120g, 200g & 400g), M&M’S® Peanut (49g, 120g, 200g, & 400g ), M&M’S® Peanut Butter (46g,144g, 230g & 400g), and M&M’S® Almond (124g), M&M’S MINIS® (120G & 200g) M&M’S® Crispy (105g & 176g), M&M’S® dark (230g) bags found on specially marked displays in stores are 3 winning bags (1 winning Singles ( 46g 48g, or 49g ) pack , 2 winning Peg, Stand Up Pouch or Bowl size (105g, 120g, 124g,144g,176g 200g, 230g or 400g) pouches.  Each winning bag will contain a Prize claim form with a graphic depiction of a Red, Yellow or Orange M&M’S® Character. The in-pack Prize claim form will contain information on how to claim the Grand Prize.

There are a total of three (3) Instant Win Grand Prizes, available to be won at the start of the Promotion.
Each Grand Prize consists of one (1) 2016 FIAT 500X Pop FWD crossover.

Enter a valid email address and a valid twelve (12) digit UPC code, register & then click on the “continue” button” to find out if you are a winner.

There are a total of Two Thousand (2000) prizes available to be won, each consist of a coupon redeemable for a free M&M’S® Singles pack (30g-49g)

UPC is needed
Ends May 13, 2016

Excel Stuffies ~Contest

Play for a chance to win 1 of 6000 Excel stuffies!

Ends April 26, 2016

Flip N Win ~ Contest

Play daily for a chance at instantly winning 1 of 80 $25 gift cards, 1 of 201 Silk Canada FPC's OR entries into winning the grand prize of $1000

Ends March 31, 2016

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dinner for 2 ~ Contest

Enter for a chance to win a $50 M&M's gift card...enough to purchase a dinner for 2.
All you have to do is tell them your most romantic Valentines Dinner.

Winner selected February 9, 2016

Knife set ~ Contest

Enter to win this cute knife & holder set from ebay Canada! I know I would love to win this & have it on display, although I think my daughter would probably try to steal it on me LOL.

Ends Feb 5 at 11:59 PM

Monday, 1 February 2016

Rrrrolll up the Rim!

As of  Feb 3, 2016 Roll up the Rim is back! If you register now, you will get an extra 60000 online bonus points and a special early registration badge.
Instant Win Prizes
1. There are 200,000 Hot Beverage prizes to be won. Each Free Hot Beverage Prize consists of two (2) one-time use coupons which can be redeemed for one (1) free hot beverage of any size. In respect of each Free Hot Beverage Prize, the confirmed winner will receive one (1) Coupon for his/her use and will have the opportunity to either: i) select one (1) friend or family member* to receive the other Coupon by providing the friend or family member’s name and email address - an email will be sent to such friend or family member that will indicate that it has been sent on the confirmed winner’s behalf (and will identify the confirmed winner) and will also include instructions regarding how to claim the Coupon...OR.... give the Coupon to another randomly selected Contest entrant.

2. There are 50,000 music download packs available. Each Download Pack Prize consists of three (3) FREE music downloads from the Universal Music online music store.

3. There are 1000 - $25.00 Tim Card prizes.

Points Prizes

What follows are the points prizes (each, a “Points Prize” and, together with the Instant Win Prizes, the “Prizes”) available to be won:

1. There are 6 Free Coffee For A Year prizes. Each Free Coffee For A Year Prize consists of six (6) separate one hundred dollar ($100.00) Tim Cards (total value of each Free Coffee For A Year Prize is $600.00), which allows each winner to purchase approximately one (1) Tim Hortons small (10 oz.) coffee (or equivalent value) each day for one (1) calendar year.

2. There are 75 Smart Watch prizes. Each Smart Watch Prize consists of a LG Watch Urbane.

3. There are 10 LG 4K OLED TV Prizes. Each LG TV Prize consists of a LG 4K OLED TV

4. There is 1 - 2016 Honda Civic vehicle prize. The 2016 Honda Civic Prize consists of one (1) 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan vehicle.

The following table outlines the Points thresholds (each, a “Point Threshold”) that an entrant must reach in order to receive the corresponding entry or entries (each, an “Entry”). Entries awarded are cumulative.

 Point Threshold        Entries 
50,000                         1 Tims™ Coffee For a Year Draw Entry 
100,000                       1 LG Watch Urbane Draw Entry 
200,000                       1 LG 4K OLED TV Draw Entry
300,000                       1 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan Draw Entry
400,000                       1 Tims™ Coffee For a Year Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG Watch Urbane Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG 4K OLED TV Draw Entry 
                                    1 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan Draw Entry
500,000                       1 Tims™ Coffee For a Year Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG Watch Urbane Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG 4K OLED TV Draw Entry 
                                    1 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan Draw Entry
600,000                       1 Tims™ Coffee For a Year Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG Watch Urbane Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG 4K OLED TV Draw Entry 
                                    1 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan Draw Entry
800,000                       1 Tims™ Coffee For a Year Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG Watch Urbane Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG 4K OLED TV Draw Entry 
                                    1 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan Draw Entry
1,000,000                    1 Tims™ Coffee For a Year Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG Watch Urbane Draw Entry 
                                    1 LG 4K OLED TV Draw Entry 
                                    1 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan Draw Entry
By way of example, if an entrant has received a total of 860,000 Points, he/she will receive a total of five (5) Free Coffee For a Year Prize Draw Entries, five (5) LG Watch Urbane Prize Draw Entries, five (5) LG 4K OLED TV Prize Draw Entries, and five (5) 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan Prize Draw Entries.

For a full list of rules & regulations or more info, please go to RULES & REGULATIONS
All Prizes must be claimed by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on June 1, 2016 

Ends March 16, 2016

And we're back!

Hello to all of you wonderful people who have stuck by us! I can honestly say I have missed you all.
For those of you that have been wondering what happened to us, we apologize.

Last year my oncologist determined from my CT scans that I needed to start treatment pretty much immediately for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, stage 4. I had 6 rounds of chemo, but part way through all of that, I ended up being hospitalized & put in isolation for 2 weeks because I developed cellulitis, shingles AND meningitis...all at the same time. It was my 2nd time having shingles & also my 2nd time having meningitis. Neither illness is fun to have...but when you have them at the same time...well...I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

The chemo and the cancer have left me drained physically & mentally. My memory is the pits & while the nice nurses at the cancer center have given me the excuse of "chemo brain" I really dislike using it...maybe I just don't like to admit it though. I understand it can take months or years to recuperate from the chemo.

The other major thing that happened is my co-blogger gave birth to her twin girls. Being a new parent is a learning experience. They were premature and spent a few weeks in the NICU. Like any baby, they take up a lot of time & energy...and since there is 2 of them & only 1 of her,'s tiring to say the least.

The girls are getting bigger now & the doctor is thrilled with their health and impressed with how advanced they are for their ages. So we have some free time again to get back to posting. With the girls birth & my health issues, we have decided to expand a bit on the blog. We will still be posting contests, coupons & freebies, as well as any reviews for products that we are asked to check out, but we will also be posting more personal blog posts.

We know that recently another blogger has been outed for claiming reviews that others have written instead of giving their own honest feedback, as well as hosting fake contests. We are not going to get into a debate on if any of that is true or not. What we ARE going to do is take this opportunity to assure our followers, fellow bloggers & companies that EACH & EVERY product that we receive is reviewed by us. We will not EVER copy someone else's review, if we do not like something, then we will say so & we will explain why. All of our reviews are 100% honest & unbiased.

Any and all contests we host all have real winners. We do not fake contests, we do not fake winners. There is no point to it. We would rather step aside before we would do something like that. We do post contests using our referral links, some may not like that we get an extra entry for a contest because of this. For those of you who feel that way, we are sorry, but in all honesty, we have gotten maybe 5 extra entries from someone signing up using our links & we have never won a contest like that yet.

In the future, we may decide to change that. What do you all think? What's your opinion on us using referral links when we post contests?

Keep watching for a welcome back contest from us....tell us in the comments section below what store you would like a gift card for. Whatever store gets the most votes will be chosen for the giftcard prize.