Friday, 29 March 2013

Our Easter Giveaway ~ Contest

We are holding an Easter Giveaway with the generous help of some sponsors.
Liking ALL of the sponsors Facebook pages are Mandatory, however following them via Twitter is Optional.

Winners will be posted here & will have 48 hours from being announced to message us with their mailing info or a new winner will be drawn. Good luck everyone! To see what the prizes are, please go to our Album. UPDATE: 2 winners did not contact us in response to the emails sent, so we have drawn 2 new winners. New winners you have 48 hours (Until Thursday April 4th at 9 AM EST) to message us or new names will be drawn. Message us on our facebook page or email us at or new winners will be drawn.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

FREE Mega Dice Lotto Ticket ~ Ontario Only

OLG is giving Ontario residents a chance to get a "Free Play Coupon" to try their newest game Mega Dice Lotto. Once you have filled your info in for the free play coupon to be emailed to you, then you will also be entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 $2000 prizes! On my ticket, I won $2.00 instantly but nothing on the nightly draw. Good luck :)
Hurry ends March 25, 2013 or when ALL 400,000 tickets have been awarded whichever comes first.
18 years & older only.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Blu-ray Combo Pack! ~ Contest

We've been given the opportunity to host a giveaway for you to win a wonderful prize.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Blu-ray Combo Pack!

To get in on this contest, all you have to do is take the "Are you 100% Hobbit" quiz by clicking the picture below & then posting your results in the comment section at the bottom of this post.
My results were 60% Hobbit!

If you don't want to take the quiz (or share what your result was lol ) you can download the Hobbit Handbook & tell us what your favourite activity is. Building a Hobbit Hole is mine. You are more than welcome to share both answers, but please put it in only 1 comment.

Contest ends on Sunday March 24th at 12:00 PM EST & winner will be posted shortly thereafter. Winner will be drawn using & name will be posted here, so please make sure to come back & see if it was you. 

That person will then have 48 hours to message us with their mailing address or a new winner will be drawn. Prize will be sent via FedEx or UPS so please NO P.O boxes & it might be wise to include a phone number. Prizes & materials are provided by Warner Bros. Good luck everyone! Canadian Residents Only Please

UPDATE: NEW Winner chosen using Timmiegirl Please message us either on our facebook page
or by emailing us at with your mailing information including phone number. You have 48 hours from now or another winner will be chosen at 1 PM EST on Thursday March 28.

Take a Minute ~ Contest

Take a Minute Contest from Minute Rice
Over 4200 INSTANT prizes to be won & 59 GRAND prizes to be won!

Instant Prizes are : 
FPC Minute Rice Product (Value $8.50) there are 55 per day to be won.
Premium Coffee Gift Card ($5.00 Value) 5 per day to be won.

Grand Prizes are : 
Weekend getaway (Valued $1000) 2 to be won.
Coffee Machine (Valued $200) 5 to be won.
Spa Gift Certificate (Valued $500) 4 to be won.
One week of prepared meals for a family of 4 (Valued $500) 3 to be won.
Indigo Gift Card (Valued $70) 10 to be won.
Cineplex movie tickets for 2 (Valued $30) 20 to be won.
Premium Coffee Gift Card (Valued $30) 15 to be won.

Ends May 27, 2013

Monday, 18 March 2013

Carnation Canada ~ Contest

Carnation Canada is holding a contest giving us a chance to win Apple Gift cards of varying amounts when they reach Facebook "like" milestones.
At 20,000 they will give away a $250 GC. 30,000 is a $500 GC & 40,000 is $750 GC.

It is NOT open to Quebec Residents. It closes April 25, 2013.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls ~ Review

We had the chance to try the Woolzies Dryer Balls & can't wait to share with you our thoughts on them. A box of 6 handmade Woolzies will cost $34.95 USD plus a shipping fee of $6.95 world wide. They are chemical free which is great because some people (my Mom for example) is allergic to the dryer sheets.

The box states that they were made of  made with 100% pure wool (but are 100% percent safe for people with wool sensitivities) & just thinking about that made me start itching. It claims to reduce drying time by up to 25% in large loads & more in smaller loads. To reduce Static, eliminate wrinkles, soften naturally, noise free & guaranteed to last for 1000 loads.

Let's address each statement one at a time. To get a fair comparative review, I washed & dried one load of laundry twice. That way I knew it was the same size, materials ect. I dried it once with the Woolzies & once with my regular dryer sheets.

100% Pure wool (will it make me itchy) Well to start with, surprisingly I did not get itchy with them. I am able to wear my clothes & use my blanket & I have no reaction like I do other wool products. So I say that claim is true for me at least!

Reduce Drying time by up to 25% for large loads I honestly noticed no difference in drying times. I was hoping that I would see a difference, but other than a few

Reduces Static again, I was wishing for this to be true, but unfortunately it wasn't. My clothes & blankets had even more static than when I use my dryer sheets.

Eliminate Wrinkles I did not find any wrinkles, so this I am happy to say is accurate.

Softens naturally I confirm that my clothes were nice & soft.

Noise Free this really surprised me. I did expect them to make noise in the dryer...I mean think about it. You have 6 balls in there tumbling around. I know when my dogs sneak their toys in the laundry & they wind up in the dryer ( dogs do this if they would only learn to wash & dry & fold on their own) , they make noise. However there was no added noise what so ever! That was a pleasant surprise.

Lasts for 1000 loads I can't comment on that claim yet thankfully, but I can say after just 4 loads it looks like my balls have little hairs sticking out all over them. I'm not sure if it's the balls themselves or something else. If they DO last for 1000 loads, that basically works out to $0.03 PER load you dry. That's a lot cheaper than the dryer sheets.

For more information or to order your own Woolzies, click HERE & it will take you to their website.
Woolzies has a facebook page located HERE.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Water Bobble ~ Review

We were given the opportunity to review Water Bobble Canada's Water bottles.
They claim "Filtration reinvented, faster. smarter. sleeker. sustainable. saves money" in the brochure they sent us & we eagerly anticipated the chance to test them out & share our findings with you.

1 filter is claimed to equal 300 water bottles. They suggest you replace the filter after 2 months or 40 gallons/150 litres of water. The filters come in different colors while the bottle itself is a clear plastic. The filters remove chlorine & organic contaminants from municipal tap or potable water only.

I gave my teen-aged daughter one of the bottles to take with her for school/co-op every day. Now it has to be noted that my daughter usually refuses to drink water unless it is flavoured as she detests the taste of city water. She does not even really like the bottled water as she finds it has an unpleasant taste to it as well.

She came to me the first day & complained that even though we activated the filter by filling the bottle with water & then squeezing it gently until it was empty (actually we did this twice) there was still some carbon residue floating in the water. She also did not like the noise it makes when you drink & air is pulled back into the bottle. Other than that, she was thrilled with the clean taste she got when she drank water from the bottle. She found herself drinking more water than she would have even using regular bottled water.

At first I was nervous to squeeze the plastic as I was afraid to break it, but as I got used to it, I realized it actually is quite sturdy. I'm not saying they they are indestructible, but they are not as fragile as I first imagined them to be. The bottles are BPA free & are also recyclable when it is time to replace them.

They come with a clear cap to keep the nozzle clean & while that is great especially if you put the bottle in bags, I am afraid I will lose it. The bottles we were given to review can not be put in the dishwasher or freezer, much to my daughter's disappointment. However they do have bottles that you can.

My own review of them is quite simple. I love it! It gives me the opportunity to drink water that doesn't taste like chlorine. It is cheaper than buying bottled water & is better for the environment. I have to agree with my daughter that it does taste better than bottled water as well. I like that all I have to do is fill the bottle & drink. No waiting for it to be filtered in order to drink. The bottle fits inside the cup holder in my car with no problem which is great too. The fact that the filters are the colorful part of the bottle is nice too. It does have a sleek design which makes it fit comfortably in your hand. They also have a large variety of different sizes.

They have a huge assortment of products on their website & they are available  they have generously agreed to sponsor a prize for one of our fans, so keep watching our page for the chance to win your own Water Bobble!

Visit their website & facebook pages for more info & check out the list of Canadian retailers so you can purchase your own!

Dentyne Sample ~ Freebie

Dentyne Canada is showing off their new look & giving us a chance to get a sample for FREE.

P&G Brandsaver~ Coupons

P&G has released their spring coupons! Right now there are 61 coupons with a value of over $130 in savings. If this is your first time getting P&G Brandsaver coupons, let me give you a bit of info to make it easier for you. You are able to choose 32 coupons at a time to be mailed to your home. After you have chosen the first 32 coupons & successfully checked out so they will be mailed to you, go back & continue where you left off requesting the remaining coupons & once again complete the check out process.

Lysol Dispenser Decoration ~ Contest

Lysol Canada has a new contest running for a chance to win a mini tablet every day. Decorate (or get a child to decorate) a Lysol dispenser & photograph it & upload it for a chance to win. They will be using votes as a PARTIAL method of winner selection according to their rules. There is also a $5.00 printable coupon you can get at the link.

For more info, click the  link below. Good luck!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Review of Mountain Dew Sample Pack

Not too long ago we were lucky enough to win a sample pack from Mountain Dew Canada. In each box, there are 4 new flavours & eventually these flavours will be released in Canada, but only ONE will get to stay. Canadians will get to vote which flavour they like the best.

Since there was one of each can & 3 of us in the house, my daughter thought it would be fun to do sort of a taste test. Each of us got 1/3 of a can to taste & then we expressed our thoughts on it. Here were the results. **Please remember that these are our honest opinions & you may have different ones.**

The first can we tried was named CODE RED

Code Red was just nasty tasting. All three of us likened it to a cross between Buckley's Cough Syrup & a Sports Drink. We give it 3 thumbs down. Yuck!

Next we tried WHITE OUT 

White Out had a lemon/lime taste.  Not unpleasant, but not unique either - tasted very similar to a competitors product. I found it the best tasting of the 4. Neither my husband or daughter really liked it, they each liked a different flavour more.
The 3rd can was named SUPER NOVA.

Super Nova we all agreed tasted like grape flavoured medicine. Not as nasty as the Code Red, but not pleasant. My husband liked it, my daughter & I did not.

The last can was called VOLTAGE.

Voltage as my daughter quickly pointed out tasted like a blue bubble gum flavoured pop. It didn't taste like medicine, but it was not that great of a taste. My daughter liked it. Husband & I did not.

We were glad to be able to take part of this sample pack offer. We look forward to being able to express our individual opinions. As of right now, the only firm "NO" from all 3 of us was the Code Red (That stuff really is very nasty...even now a few days later I still cringe with the memory of how it tasted) the other flavours at least had one person who liked it.

When they hit the shelves (or if you were lucky enough to win a sample pack) we would love to know what you think of each new flavour.

Visit Mountain Dew's Facebook Page by clicking >>HERE<< & keep watch for your chance to try each new flavour & then cast your vote for your favourite!

Thank you Mountain Dew Canada for the opportunity to be one of the first in Canada to taste the 4 new DEWs!