Sunday, 17 March 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls ~ Review

We had the chance to try the Woolzies Dryer Balls & can't wait to share with you our thoughts on them. A box of 6 handmade Woolzies will cost $34.95 USD plus a shipping fee of $6.95 world wide. They are chemical free which is great because some people (my Mom for example) is allergic to the dryer sheets.

The box states that they were made of  made with 100% pure wool (but are 100% percent safe for people with wool sensitivities) & just thinking about that made me start itching. It claims to reduce drying time by up to 25% in large loads & more in smaller loads. To reduce Static, eliminate wrinkles, soften naturally, noise free & guaranteed to last for 1000 loads.

Let's address each statement one at a time. To get a fair comparative review, I washed & dried one load of laundry twice. That way I knew it was the same size, materials ect. I dried it once with the Woolzies & once with my regular dryer sheets.

100% Pure wool (will it make me itchy) Well to start with, surprisingly I did not get itchy with them. I am able to wear my clothes & use my blanket & I have no reaction like I do other wool products. So I say that claim is true for me at least!

Reduce Drying time by up to 25% for large loads I honestly noticed no difference in drying times. I was hoping that I would see a difference, but other than a few

Reduces Static again, I was wishing for this to be true, but unfortunately it wasn't. My clothes & blankets had even more static than when I use my dryer sheets.

Eliminate Wrinkles I did not find any wrinkles, so this I am happy to say is accurate.

Softens naturally I confirm that my clothes were nice & soft.

Noise Free this really surprised me. I did expect them to make noise in the dryer...I mean think about it. You have 6 balls in there tumbling around. I know when my dogs sneak their toys in the laundry & they wind up in the dryer ( dogs do this if they would only learn to wash & dry & fold on their own) , they make noise. However there was no added noise what so ever! That was a pleasant surprise.

Lasts for 1000 loads I can't comment on that claim yet thankfully, but I can say after just 4 loads it looks like my balls have little hairs sticking out all over them. I'm not sure if it's the balls themselves or something else. If they DO last for 1000 loads, that basically works out to $0.03 PER load you dry. That's a lot cheaper than the dryer sheets.

For more information or to order your own Woolzies, click HERE & it will take you to their website.
Woolzies has a facebook page located HERE.

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