Friday, 8 March 2013

Review of Mountain Dew Sample Pack

Not too long ago we were lucky enough to win a sample pack from Mountain Dew Canada. In each box, there are 4 new flavours & eventually these flavours will be released in Canada, but only ONE will get to stay. Canadians will get to vote which flavour they like the best.

Since there was one of each can & 3 of us in the house, my daughter thought it would be fun to do sort of a taste test. Each of us got 1/3 of a can to taste & then we expressed our thoughts on it. Here were the results. **Please remember that these are our honest opinions & you may have different ones.**

The first can we tried was named CODE RED

Code Red was just nasty tasting. All three of us likened it to a cross between Buckley's Cough Syrup & a Sports Drink. We give it 3 thumbs down. Yuck!

Next we tried WHITE OUT 

White Out had a lemon/lime taste.  Not unpleasant, but not unique either - tasted very similar to a competitors product. I found it the best tasting of the 4. Neither my husband or daughter really liked it, they each liked a different flavour more.
The 3rd can was named SUPER NOVA.

Super Nova we all agreed tasted like grape flavoured medicine. Not as nasty as the Code Red, but not pleasant. My husband liked it, my daughter & I did not.

The last can was called VOLTAGE.

Voltage as my daughter quickly pointed out tasted like a blue bubble gum flavoured pop. It didn't taste like medicine, but it was not that great of a taste. My daughter liked it. Husband & I did not.

We were glad to be able to take part of this sample pack offer. We look forward to being able to express our individual opinions. As of right now, the only firm "NO" from all 3 of us was the Code Red (That stuff really is very nasty...even now a few days later I still cringe with the memory of how it tasted) the other flavours at least had one person who liked it.

When they hit the shelves (or if you were lucky enough to win a sample pack) we would love to know what you think of each new flavour.

Visit Mountain Dew's Facebook Page by clicking >>HERE<< & keep watch for your chance to try each new flavour & then cast your vote for your favourite!

Thank you Mountain Dew Canada for the opportunity to be one of the first in Canada to taste the 4 new DEWs!

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