Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Secret Outlast Clear Gel ~ Review

I was sent the Secret Outlast Clear Gel for free from BzzAgent to provide feedback & a review on it.
I never used a gel deodorant stick before & I have to say that I really wasn't a fan of it.
It was cold & wet, quite frankly during the winter time, the last thing you want to put on your body is something cold & wet.

They state that it is a quick dry formula, but I didn't really test that aspect as I got dressed right after applying it. So I am not sure if it was absorbed by my clothing or if it did dry quickly.
The scent was minimal, but not unpleasant. At least it was not overpowering as some of the competitors.

The biggest test I could put it through was during the holidays. We ended up hosting a party for 11 people. Talk about stress! I really had no fears about the performance of Secret Outlast Clear Gel, It seemed to work quite well.

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