Monday, 24 November 2014

Mitten Clips & Hair Clip ~ Review

I was given the chance to do a review for Andrea's Pacifier Clips & More for a pair of mitten clips & a non-slip hair clip.

Anyone that has children or has taken care of children knows how often they lose their things. This is especially true during winter time when it's cold & their little fingers run the risk of getting frozen quite fast.

I can't count how many pairs of mittens my daughter has lost. Not just of her own either, I've given her mine after she lost hers & next time I turn around, one of mine is gone too. It happened so often that even now, I carry at least 2 pairs of gloves with me at all times & I even keep an extra pair in the glovebox. It's aptly named after all LOL.

I have to say that I was pleasantly shocked by the quality of the clips. They have little "teeth" that will clamp down on the material of the child's clothing as well as the mitten itself. There is a nice sturdy silver top that is stiff enough that little fingers will have a difficult time opening it, but it's very easy for adults.

The material that is between the clips is also of good quality & from what I have seen on her website, there are lots of patterns you can choose from, over 100 of them actually. The material is perfect length so that the mittens are never far from the child's hand.

The Non-Slip Hair Clip is great! I didn't think it would hold in hair as well as it does & it doesn't catch hair when you remove it. So no little screams of pain & loose hairs to remove from it. It has material covering it too so it can be customized when you order it. The clip is strong enough to stay in hair, but not too strong to pinch & hurt little fingers if they happen to decide to play with them.

Andrea sells more than just mitten clips & non-slip hair clips though. She also sells:

Toy Clips, Sippy Cup Clips, Sophie the Giraffe Leashes, Nursing/Bib Clips, Belt Clips, Snap Hair Clips, Crochet Beanie Hats with Flower Embellishments & Headbands.

Click the following links to check out her amazing work & to get more information or to make an order.



I have a special surprise as well. Andrea has donated a pair of mitten clips for our giveaway set to start on November 28th at Midnight! The winner will be able to choose the pattern they want from her website!


  1. Would love to win a set for my grandson, what a great idea

  2. I need this! My son's gloves never match because he looses them so much!

  3. this would be greay my son's loose there mittens all the time

  4. this is like an every day thing with my oldest, he will find them but at least 3 times a month he does not find them

    1. LOL I used to make my daughter wear mismatched ones when that happened...then if someone made a comment about it, I would say "yes, she has an identical pair at home"...the joke was on me though because as she got older...she started doing the same with her socks!

  5. When my kids were little they were losing their mittens on a regular basis. now my youngest is 10 so it's not as bad. Although I know my brother goes through the same thing with his little ones

  6. My Grandson is forever losing his mitts , this would be so great so he don't lose them :)

  7. at least once every few weeks for my daughter!!

  8. My Little Kiddies have lost their mitties so many times that I have lost count.

  9. I don't even know how often my child lost there mittens too high to count, almost bi-weekly, Lorraine Wiebe