Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sawmill Creek ~ Review

I was one of the lucky ones who received an invitation to review Sawmill Creek wines from BzzAgent. I received my $25 gift card to the Wine Rack & I happily informed my fiance we had to take a trip to the store in order to get the wine.

Now I must admit, up until the last year, we never really drank wine, so I am a little lost when it comes to picking different flavours. The very nice lady at my local Wine Rack helped me out however. We determined I do not like dry bitter wine, but I am not a fan of the overly sweet either.
Based on that she suggested the Pinot Grigio Chardonnay 1.5L bottle, now I decided that since I was given a $25.00 gift card to purchase the wine, that I would also purchase a 1L container of the Autumn Blush.  I only ended up paying $0.70 out of pocket thanks to the gift card.

Tonight after we got home, I cracked open the Pinot Grigio Chardonnay. My fiance didn't like it, but he doesn't like wine at all. It has a citrus taste, the lime is prominent. I have to say it is not a favourite, but it's not that bad.

I had my first glass with my dinner of Roast Chicken & Mashed Potatoes. I enjoyed it. My second glass I am having as I write this review.

The lady at the Wine Rack said it rates a 2 for the sweetness level.  I can actually see that because while it has a bit of a "bite" to it, it's not dry enough that I have to grab a glass of water after every sip. Yes, I have actually had wine that dry.

My sister-in-law actually got me into drinking fruit wines. They are the ones I gravitate to now, where as before I would avoid wines with a grimace & a shudder.

The wine as I said has a lime taste to it. There really is no smell, I was expecting that it would have a stronger scent.
It's actually growing on me, but I don't think I would buy this one again. I'm really not a fan of the citrus/lime taste.

This weekend I will try the Autumn Blush with our Thanksgiving Dinner. What's your favourite wine?
As you can see, this one is a white wine. There is no unpleasant after-taste.

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