Thursday, 20 March 2014

Campbell's Address Your Heart

Growing up my family never really cared about eating healthy. That may be because we ate fresh fish that we caught ourselves, fresh vegetables from our gardens, fresh wild meat that we shot/trapped ourselves.

Times have changed however. We just don't have the time we did when we were younger to do all the things we did back then & it's a lot more difficult now. For that reason, we buy a lot more groceries in the stores so we need to be more health conscious including heart healthy.

Exercise is important to keep not only your physical body but also your heart. With my family, we go for walks together, get outside & play together & try to eat healthy. I have to admit that sometimes it's a struggle.

There are all sorts of products for those who are trying to be Heart Healthy. Special margarine, butter, quick meals, bread & even soups. Campbell's has lot's of variety of soups for those that are trying to be heart healthy. I use their soups to cook nutritious & delicious foods for my family.

There are numerous recipes on the Campbell's website that are easy to make & taste great. For more info, click the link below.

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