Monday, 17 February 2014

Rrrroll Up The Rim is BACK!!!

Today brings Roll Up The Rim back to Tim Horton's! A lot of people are excited by this because it gives you a chance to win some amazing prizes. Personally I don't know anyone who has won more than a coffee or a donut, but considering how popular it is, that's not surprising.

This year in celebration of Tim Horton's 50th anniversary, they are giving us not 1 chance per cup to win...but TWO! There will be the standard yellow arrow showing us where to roll the rim up, but there will also be a BLUE arrow on the cup showing us a 2nd spot to roll up the rim.

The prizes for the cup games are:
50 ~ Toyota Corolla Sport 2014
40 ~ $5000 Pre-Paid Visa cards
25000 ~ $100 Tim Cards
Millions ~ Coffee Or Donut prizes

In addition to the physical Rrroll Up The Rim contest, they have once again brought back the online Spin To Win contest. With this one, you can spin once per day giving you a chance to earn badges & win prizes.

The Online prizes up for grabs are:
2 ~ Toyota Corolla Sport 2014
28 ~ Prestige Napolean P500 Gourmet Grills
28 ~ Free Coffee For a Year - in the form of 6 $100 Tim Cards(1 per day given out)
560 ~ $25.00 Tim Cards (20 per day given out)

On March 19 if you have earned 1000 points you will be given 1 bonus spin or if you have earned 2000 points you will get 2 bonus spins in their VIP Bonus day. The VIP prizes consist of:
140 ~ $25 Tim Cards
1 ~ Toyota Corolla Vehicle Grand VIP prize.

Cups will be available until April 25, 2014 or until they last.  All Prizes must be claimed by May 18, 2014

Click the "Enter Here" Button below to play the online game or for more info. Make sure to let us know if you have won even if it is just a coffee or donut. Good Luck!

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