Saturday, 23 November 2013

REVITIVE LV ~ Review & Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I have sore, achy & swollen feet & legs pretty much every day. Unfortunately for me, I also have a hubby that doesn't give foot massages....ever. When my daughter was younger she would massage my feet in exchange for a foot rub of her own. Fair deal as far as I was concerned. Then she moved to another city for college & I was left with nothing.
It just isn't the same when you try to rub them yourself. 

That leads me to todays review. Have you heard of the Revitive LV? I hadn't until recently. It makes claims that it can help relive those sore, swollen & achy feet & legs as well as help tone & boost circulation. I was given the opportunity to write a review on one! I was skeptical but as anyone who has been following me should know by now, I will give honest, unbiased reviews & opinions on everything I am asked to try.

REVITIVE LV uses electrical muscle simulation waveforms to activate the muscles in your lower legs & feet. It is circular in shape, with rubber foot shaped mats for your feet. In the center, there is a pink circle with a - on one side & a + on the other that allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the electric pules that ranges from 1 to 50. Those pulses have 10 varying waveforms. In the middle of that circle there is a LCD display that will show the selected intensity level as well as the time remaining. The On/Off switch is below that. 

On the right side of the unit, there are two sockets. One is for the AC/DC Adapter power plug, the other is so that you can connect a TENS Body Pads, sold seperately. I was really excited about that as I actually have a set & was imagining having both working at once. Unfortunately, if you plug the body pads in, the stimulation will top for the feet.  I would really have liked it more if both could work together.

A heel balm is recommended to improve conductivity & stimulation, but it isn't really necessary in my opinion. You do need to make sure you are bare footed as it will not work if you have socks on. Never ever stand on the Revitive LV, you must sit down, & rest your feet on it a comfortable distance away. Clean-up is easy, after each use, wipe the foot pads with a damp soapy cloth. Do not immerse the machine in water & do not use chemicals on it.

As with anything, there are health & safety warnings. You should not use it if you have a pacemaker or AICD, have Deep Vein Thrombosis or are in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is safe to use for second & third trimesters of pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.  

I have to say, I love this machine. I'm getting ahead of myself here, but it's true. I typically turn it up to 30-35 for the intensity & have it go for two 30 minute cycles in a row. They recommend not using it for more than six 30 minute cycles per day.  True this isn't actually a massage, but it sure feels good! My feet don't ache as much, my ankles aren't as swollen. It feels fantastic. 

It should be noted that the Revitive LV isn't for everyone. For example, I encouraged my sister-in-law to try it & she too loved it. She was praising it even the next day exclaiming how much better her feet felt after using it, the intensity level she was comfortable with was 15. Guess who wants one now. 

My older brother on the other hand, well he couldn't even stand it on level 5, he kept his feet on it for literally 20 seconds & then exclaimed "I don't like that!" & refused to try it again. My hubby has Fibromyalgia & he tried it. He said it helped him as well.

I could have posted this review within two days, but I really wanted to give it a work out & use it several days & most especially after a VERY long day on my feet...with the holidays coming up I decided to give it the ultimate test after braving the malls for my Christmas shopping. Let me tell you I couldn't be happier! My feet were so sore & swollen I didn't want to move. After the first 30 minute treatment, my feet stopped aching. After the second, it felt like I hadn't spent all day on my feet. The 3rd...well that was just for my pleasure.

The REVITIVE LV retails for $239.99 on their website HERE & according to their site, it takes between 2 & 7 working days for delivery using Canada Posts Ground Service for $12.95 shipping. In my opinion, it's worth it! Check out their facebook page HERE for more information.

Want a chance to win one of your very own? Well the kind folks over at REVITIVE have agreed to give a unit to one of our readers for FREE!!!


  1. I usually crawl into a hot bath and if need to take some Advil. I have a lot of trouble with my left leg so the Revitive might really help. (Judy Cowan)

  2. A foot bath-but doesn't work like this would!

  3. i just put my feet up for a little while

  4. I put my feet elevated in the air with ice on them

  5. I fill the tub with warm water and soak my feet.

  6. having MS swollen feet is an everyday thing with me,i find a warm bath and them lay down with feet raised,but i bet your way be be much better

  7. I usually just put my feet up. This would be wonderful!

  8. I put some soothing cream on them

  9. Soak them and then put cream on them and put my feet up !

  10. Have my better half rub my feet! They will really appreciate me winning this!

  11. I sit in a recliner with my feet up.


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  12. usually just a long, hot bubble bath - that seems to help everything

  13. Normally I would have a long hot bath.