Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review ~ Spirit Lockets - A Northern Gals' Hip & Charmed Locket Life

On July 3 I was advised I won a contest for a Free locket, chain & floating charm from a company/facebook page called "Spirit Lockets - A Northern Gals' Hip & Charmed Locket Life"

I immediately went to her site & started perusing her products trying to figure out exactly what I wanted. You see, my daughter's 18th birthday was coming up on July 27 & she would be moving to another town for college in August. I decided to make this a special gift from just me to her.

I sent a message via facebook that same day (July 3) requesting the locket, chain & free charm I had picked out, but also asked if I could add to my order & purchase some other charms. In anticipation of the response, I listed the additional items that I wanted to purchase. I also asked how to make a payment.

July 4th I received a one word response. "Congrats". So I immediately sent another message asking my question again. Several hours later, I received the answer that I could add to my order. So I yet again replied & asked how we do this, did she have a paypal store/site that I could enter payment.

July 8th, having received no response what-so-ever from her, I sent another message asking again how we are to proceed, & informing her of my daughter's birthday & imminent move to another town.

July 9th I finally received a message from her....asking me to email her personal email account. So I did & sent another message via facebook alerting her to the email I used so she wouldn't think it was spam.

July 11th I sent another message via her facebook page informing her I had not received a response to the requested email or any other communication. I finally got a response that night saying she would go check & then an email back from her saying she had one of the charms out of three in stock & a slide (that I didn't ask for) in stock & if I was ok with that she would mail it out that day.

July 14 After many back & forth messages trying to find out what items she had in stock I finally agreed to her suggestions of a Pride slide, 2 birthstones & 2 additional floating charms added to my win. I should add she sent me that message from her personal facebook account. She finally told me to send payment as a gift to her email account using Paypal (it's quite honestly my first time buying something using paypal so she had to walk me through it). Then after payment was made & she checked it, she asked me for my mailing info again. She then informed me that she would package it up that night & send it in the morning.

July 16 She sent me a message from her company page alerting me she shipped it that day & sent a link to Canada post's tracking page. However, she forgot to give me the tracking number so I had to message her again to request it.

July 17 I receive the locket & sent her a message to let her know. 20 minutes later I sent her another message informing her of a problem. First of all, the 2 birthstones advertised on the company page I ordered stated that they were "flat backed" These birthstones were not. Also the back glass of the locket was popped out.

July 18 she messaged me back stating that it was fine when she shipped it "Monday", must be Canada Post's fault. She then went on to say that the birthstones are older ones that she had in stock. She also said she would contact Canada Post the next morning to file an insurance claim.  **(just for clarification, Monday was the 15, she sent me the message on Tuesday the 16 saying she shipped it that day. Not that big of a deal, but still.)**

July 19 I asked her to let me know what was happening as it was a disappointment & that I couldn't give my daughter the locket as it was.

July 21 She messaged me back stating she agreed it was disappointing & that she would contact Canada Post on Monday.

July 23 I again messaged her asking for an update as she hadn't said anything more.

July 24 she sent me a message informing me she was "working on a solution".

July 25, I had contacted the head company's page & found out that the birth stones she put in the locket were not compatible with the pride slide she put in the locket. I sent her a message informing her that I was told that by her head company & also informed her that because the stones are pointed on the backs instead of flat, that that may be the reason the glass popped out, too much pressure. Again I asked for an update.

She replied stating she never had any other problems with any like stones so she was sure it was Canada Post's fault not hers. She informed me that she would be putting in another order on the weekend & that there is no way I would have a replacement in time for my daughter's birthday. She then requested that I start messaging her through her personal facebook page instead of her company facebook page.

July 27 she sent me a message saying (I am C & P it here) Canada Post is issuing me a refund via the Insurance pd  *I will re-order yer locket & 2 flat backed stones (JUST in case) this wkend. **Keep the other stones for the new locket *** I'll need u 2 re-pkg the locket & 2 other birthstones. If u can put stones & glass in locket & wrap locket in paper towel then return to me Id appreciate it. It cud prob be sent in a regular envie...I will re-imburse u the postage.
meant keep the other charms & slide with u

July 28 I responded to her message, informing her that after her message on the 25th, I took the locket to a jeweller & paid to have them repair the glass because as I stated, I needed it for the 27th. Then because I took her word for it about the stones, I put them back in & tried again to close the locket. The back glass held, the front glass did not. So I had to have them repair the FRONT glass too. I advised her that obviously it was not an issue with Canada Post as she was claiming that it was indeed the fact that birth stones are as the company stated, NOT compatible with the pride slides. That she should have known that & not suggested it. I then went on to state had I know, I would not have wasted my money.

I heard nothing further from her to date even though she has posted on her page, her company page & I got the notification that she saw my message. No apology, nothing.

While Spirit Lockets does have some beautiful things, be careful what & WHO you order from. Some may say that I should be thankful to have won the locket, chain & charm & I am. However, I also purchased other items from her & took her at her word & thought she would know what products she is selling. I feel like she ripped me off.

I know I chose to take the locket in to repair it. I am actually thankful I did, because if I hadn't, I would have had the same issues with the new locket.

This is what the locket looks like when she showed me a pic before she sent it. Looks beautiful doesn't it?

This is what I received. The black circle against the chain is the back glass.

Buyer Beware!

Please Note that Spirit Lockets - A Northern Gals' Hip & Charmed Locket Life is an Affiliate/ Wholesale Distributor & this review is based on my experience with her alone & NOT based on the Spirit Lockets - Company itself.

The HEAD Company sent me a message asking me why I was not provided with the incompatibility slip that was shipped with EACH 6MM birthstone & why she would suggest them as they said it states right on their website that the 6MM stones are INCOMPATIBLE with the pride slides. I did inform them that when I brought it up to her, she claimed she never had a problem before.


  1. Its sad that Bloggers take to the Net to Slam small Business owners over a small error and a product damaged in shipping. Us larger blog owners can only hope posts like these don't affect us all.

  2. I am not attempting to "Slam small Business owners" by writing this review. Everything I have written was factual & I believe that anyone that is considering ordering from this person should be made aware of the issues I encountered.

    Last week, this person sent me a message requesting that I send them an email to further discuss the issue. So I sent her an email that same day. I still have not heard a response or an apology from her.

    I am sorry that you are not happy with the review of your friends business. I write honest & unbiased reviews. As I said, I can back up everything I have written as I have screen shots & saved messages.

  3. Good to know your reviews are truthful. What's the point of reviewing products if you don't say it how it is?

    1. Thanks Ashley, we couldn't agree more! We really appreciate your comment :)

  4. That's so unfortunate! Good communication (timely AND professional) could have completely changed the tone of this transaction. I too am a rep for Spirit Lockets, as well as sourcing all sorts of custom and complementary pieces from local artisans and around the world. Should you find yourself willing to give it another chance, please check me out! (I also do small repairs, and use my wholesale abilities to provide warranty replacements for my customers long after Spirit's has run out.)