Sunday, 23 December 2012

Review of a New iPad/Kindle case

We had the privilege of doing a review for Papier de Maison of their new iPad & Kindle cases.

We started out by watching their video on YouTube to see what it was all about. After watching that video I was excited to have a chance to try one out & see if it is as good as they claimed. I must admit that I am a skeptic when it comes to what companies claim products can do. I am the "See it to believe it" type of consumer.

I was pleasantly surprised, I was expecting a flimsy magnetic tab but it is nice & strong. They hold up quite well when placed in their stand positions which make it easy to type or watch a video, when I was expecting them to collapse or fall down. Quite honestly I found no faults with it even though I tried to just so that I could give you the Pros AND the Cons to the cases.

I am constantly losing pens & never seem to have paper around when I need it no matter how many sticky pads or notepads I buy. These cases are perfect for me. It never seems to fail that I will just settle down to read & a thought will pop into my head of something I wanted to do or get. I know that if I either don't do it immediately or write it down, then I will forget again so off I go to search for the pen & paper that mysteriously disappeared.

With these cases I no longer have to worry about that. I just take the pen/stylus from the holder (no more lost pens for me!) & jot down a note on my pad of paper, then back to reading I go.

Each case has elastics that hold the corners of the e-reader or iPad securely, a design/colour coordinated notepad & a 2-in-1 stylus/ink pen which makes everything so much easier. Everything can be re-arranged quite simply for either left or right handed users which is a HUGE plus in my opinion.

You can use the case to make a stand to hold the iPad or Kindle up so that you can watch a video or you can flip it so that you can type on a raised angle.

The iPad case was specifically designed for both the 3rd generation iPad & the iPad 2, other devices may fit snugly & you may have to bend the bind around it a bit. The same for the Kindle case, it was designed for the Kindle Reader so if you have Kindle Fire, it may fit snugly.

Both cases come in 6 different designs. I reviewed the Birds on a Wire & the Marche de Fleurs cases. I was happy to see there were a couple of cases that could be classed as "gender neutral" as I know men would benefit from these cases as well.

The Marche de Fleurs features flowers on a cream background & antique style french lettering. It does have an antique, or old fashioned look which I personally find appealing.

The Birds on a Wire shows birds sitting on a wire or line with inspirational words of "Dream, Think, 
Plan" There are a few stripes in blue, white & black. 

Boutique De Luxe features a purse, make-up, sunglasses & perfume bottles.

Spice Bouquet has a yellow flower on an off white background on it's cover.

Peacock Fantasy has a peacock gracing it's cover with a hint of a off-white & paisley background.

The Librarian cover features a book, glasses & a vintage ad for reading glasses & some old style books.

We definitely recommend that if you or someone you know are like us, losing pens, looking for paper, on the go, yet just need to jot something down and you want something decorative/attractive to protect your iPad or Kindle that   you get one of these cases. They make a great gift.

Check out their website at Papier De Maison for more information.

Watch their video below so that you can see the case in action for yourself.

Right now they can be found at Tablet Cover Shop and they retail for $20.00 for the Kindle case & $30.00 for the iPad case. You can purchase notepad refills as well. I just received permission for a limited time my readers can get 10% off their purchase at the website by using promo code: HOLIDAYS2012 Hurry & order yours now!

Disclosure Note : We received the iPad & Kindle cases from Papier de Maison in order to provide a review of their product. No other compensation was received. This product review is honestly & objectively based on my own personal opinion & experience with this item.

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